Masterclass for Directors

IWFCI-India and Institute of Directors (IOD) look forward to welcome you to the Masterclass for Directors programme.

What is “Masterclass for Directors”?

Today a successful organisation is known for its best Corporate Governance practices and Sustainability standards. Also, investors and financial markets are beginning to see them, as evidence of higher sustainability.

The latest intervention in governance process came through the Companies Act 2013. Coupled with the SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015, it is arguably a sea change. The fallout of these regulations and guidelines are both significant and, in many ways, seminal. It necessitates a new skill-set that Directors, Particularly Independent Directors of a company Board are expected to possess, in addition to their experience and knowledge. India’s new stringent Corporate Laws have made CFOs, CSs, Senior Executives and Independent Directors more accountable to implement a robust Corporate Governance framework.

Why Masterclass for Directors?

Few businesses realize that the Cambrian explosion of stakeholder's aspirations have profoundly altered the market landscape. Unless, Directors understand the enormity of changes and learn strategies to deal with them, they will be misfits.

The Masterclass opens a whole new vista of opportunities for those intending to join the pool of Independent Directors

  • Shape professionalism in directorship based on “International Best Practices”.
  • Enhance the ability and effectiveness of Company Directorship and develop Good Corporate Governance at International Standards.
  • Improve Competence in integrating effective Corporate Performance.
  • Business Strategy, Governance and Directorship.
  • Develop Competence in creating corporate competitiveness in National and International Business.
  • Identify the fiduciary and compliance responsibilities of directors, governance and ethical expectations of board members.
  • Outline what risk is and how boards can implement risk management techniques, and build reputation in the organization.
  • Enhance your value and reputation in the board.
  • Strengthen your ability to secure directorship opportunities.

Why Now?

India is today deficient of over 20,000 Independent Directors with only 1,600 Women Directors to fill the available positions on boards of companies, in order to meet the requirements of the new Companies Act,2013, SEBI's (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015, and upcoming induction of IFRS and GST.

IOD's Masterclass for Directors, offers a whole vista of opportunities, for preparing and updating of both Executive and the Non-Executive Independent Directors. The course undergoes continuous changes to keep it updated with the latest regulatory changes to keep it updated with the latest regulatory changes, global trends and practices.

The Masterclass will consist of -

  • Three days condensed program, followed by a successful submission of a Dissertation, which will lead to the award of “Certified Corporate Directorship.”
  • This programme also provides one year complimentary membership of Institute of Directors.
  • One year complimentary empanelment in the ONEID's Panel (Organization for Non Executive, Independent Directors) for Independent Directors, subject to Committee's Approval