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Welcome to IWFCI India National Chapter

IWFCI India National Chapter is committed to supporting the growth of women, offering opportunities for expansion through networking and fostering an environment for realising the potential of Women as Investors, Business Women and Policy Influencers.


The International Women’s Federation of Commerce and Industry (IWFCI) is a non-profit, non-government organization that was formed in 1992 by the founder Ms Diana Abruzzi in Melbourne Australia.

The organization was formed to meet the emerging needs of women in business and in recognition of their increasing contribution to the world of commerce, the community and to government. The organization is in the forefront of promoting women in these areas, cementing their role as decision-makers, furthering international co-operation and shaping the economic role of women and the contribution to the GDP of their respective countries.

IWFCI India National Chapter has recognized that there is a growing need to provide a strong infrastructure of support for Organizations that are actively involved in Empowering Women in Business, this realization is based on the changes in the fabric of our Society too. There is an increasing number of women entering the workforce, be it employed or as entrepreneurs, with over seven out of ten women aged between 25 and 54 in the labor force today and it is estimated that roughly two thirds of all new entrants will be Women.

Breakthroughs in technology, shifts in organizational structures and lifestyle choices have given women greater flexibility with respect to their careers. These trends have contributed significantly to the success of the home-based business concept and have strengthened the contribution of women to the global economy.

We at IWFCI have recognized these accelerating social and technological changes. Its charter is to provide a strong network that will focus on business growth for women through facilitating business opportunities and providing advisory services.